Lighting a Garden

The warmth or coolness of light is described by colour temperature and measured in Kelvin. When using LEDs in your garden it’s important to choose warm white LED’s. Cheap LED light bulbs tend to be cool colour temperature because it’s cheaper to make an efficient LED in a cool colour temperature.

With good quality LED’s lasting over 50,000 hours. We put an emphasis on specifying products that can be maintained, repaired and recycled, so that ‘throwaway culture’ has no place in lighting design.

A little light goes a long way outside and we’re certainly of the view less is more. You don’t need to light your lawn to the same level as stadium. 

Yes provide task light where needed and use light to accent beautiful features, but be mindful of the lumen output and beam angle of each fitting. Be particularly mindful of light pollution and light trespass (light spill into other peoples properties). Better to use the minimum amount and most energy efficient light fittings, while of course delivering a high quality and beautiful lighting design.