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LED Night Light with Motion Sensor

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1. It is a PIR-sensor automatic product. It can detect the motion of people and when people enter the detecting area, it will light on, and when people leave it will light off within a 15s delay.
2. Automatic light sensing: if the light sensor detects enough light the product will not turn on even when there is movement of the human body.
3. Automatic random time delay: the products will not turn off until people leave away.
4. Easy power supply: average batteries operated with 6 months service time.

Type: LED Strip Light
Light Source: 10 LED
Size:  19*3*1.6cm (L*W*H)
Power Source: Dry Battery
Is Batteries Required: Yes
Is Batteries Included: No
Battery Type: AAA
Body Materia
l: Aluminum +ABS
Usage: Emergency
Wattage: 5W

Package Included:
1 X LED Strip Light (Not Included Battery)