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Outdoor Solar Wall LED Light with Auto Control & Motion Detection

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Product parameters:
    Product model: G-SL-002
       Solar panels: PET laminating 5.5V 550MA 3W
               Battery: 3.7V 2000MA  (2 x 18650 battery) 
                   LED: SMD2835   58 beads
Product material: ABS+PC
    Luminous flux: MAX 600Lm
     Operate time: If it is charged for 6 hours it can work for 5-10 hours.
        Waterproof: IP65
      Product size: 236*36*145 mm
  Product weight: 420g
     Work pattern: light-operated and infrared induction (3-6 meters), and enter the micro bright mode after 12 seconds of illumination.
Folding: Both the solar panel and light panel are designed for customized angles due to their folding feature. You can use it as a wall light or a ground light when you are camping.
Super bright and Eco-friendly: 58 LED lights are densely distributed on the light panel to provide a super bright level of illumination. It absorbs sunlight in the daytime and light up at night or in darkness without paying any electric bill, as well as giving you extra security.
Lighting mode with indicator: Not only the angle of folding but also the lighting mode can be set easily by pressing the switch button on the front. Flash once for medium light mode, twice for dim light sensor mode, and three times for sensor mode.
Intelligent sensor solar light: Sensitive and clever enough due to the PIR motion-sensing technology, the light is able to test motion up to 26 feet with a wide angle at 120 degrees.
Flexible mounting ways: You can mount the light on the wall with the included bracket and 2 screws and 2 wall plugs. Otherwise, fold to the ideal angle to absorb sunlight and place it on the ground in your patio, garden, or on the outside grass when you are camping.
Package List:
1 x Solar Motion Sensor Light
1 x Holder
2 x Expansion Pillar-hinge
2 x Installing Screws
1 x Manual 
1. Please read the instructions carefully before using and installing products.
2. Because the conversion efficiency of solar panels is affected by the intensity of illumination, the continuous luminescence time of LED will be different due to weather conditions, seasonal changes, geographical location, and other factors, which is a normal phenomenon.
3. The product can be charged automatically and automatically brightens in the evening only if the switch is switched on the state of light control or human induction mode.
4. The waterproof design of the product is limited to rainwater and moisture. Do not soak the product for a long time in the water.
5. Please don't slam, beat this product, so as to avoid damage to it.