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UV 36W Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamp (LED UVC Light Bulb)

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Ultraviolet sterilization lamp with remote control and timing 



1. Very safe to use: Three-mode timing function, don't worry about forgetting to turn off ultraviolet rays.
2. Large area: powerful 36-watt UVC quartz lamp, effectively covering 40 square meters. Disinfect the surface and clean it completely with 360 ° rounded corners.
3. Efficient: The lamp works effectively in a clean room and effectively improves the living environment.
4. Applicable places: home, attic, office, factory, school, hotel, restaurant, clinic, hospital, basement, shopping mall, and other large places for sanitary use.
5. Very important: This device emits very strong UVC light, which can harm your health, so please do not stay with this light source when it is turned on (including your pets, plants, and other objects).


- Voltage: 110-220 V 

- Sterilization method: ultraviolet + ozone

- Use area: 20-40 square meters

- Power: 36W

- Dimension: 210 * 460mm

 Package includes:

1 * Germicidal Lamp

1 * Remote control (battery is not included)


1. During work, do not expose your eyes and skin to light!!!  You have to leave the room. (Including pets). Also, you need to turn off the bulb before approaching the bulb!!! 
2. When the lamp starts to work, you may smell a special burning smell in the air. That is the smell of harmful burning particles in the air. Do not worry.